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WSJ Calls It! 2019s Top Three Trends in Garden Design

by Barbara Anderson |

Of the three….Corten Steel but, of course, we knew that! This year’s trends in garden design via @WSJ #planters #gardendesign #garden #landscapedesign #landscaper

Covid-19 Brings More Alfresco Dining

by Barbara Anderson |

8 New Things You’ll See as Restaurants Reopen… #COVID19 #hospitalityindustry Find solutions to creating your alfresco dining with Planterscape’s Highline Rectangle Planter or the Bowery Rectangle Planter.

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

by Barbara Anderson |

Planterscape is featured in the Fall 2019 publication of Living Architecture Monitor as one of its newest members of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities! This edition celebrates the exceptional green roofs and walls projects across North America.  From homeowners to designers, green spaces are becoming the topic to bring biodiversity to our communities.  Enjoy reading all about it here #greenroofs #climatechange...

A Chimichurri Garden on your Terrace?

by Barbara Anderson |

I hadn't quite realized I met foodscaping nirvana until I made an herb chimichurri sauce for my grilled halibut. Hello?!! A tectonic shift in all my foodie senses. My new keto-esque eating plan calls for more fish on the menu and I am always trying ways to make fish grand without overpowering it. Wow. I accidentally nailed it. Despite the...

3 Steps to Weathering CorTen Steel Planters

by Barbara Anderson |

All this rain has got me thinking about the process of weathering CorTen steel planters. Rain is part of the acceleration! If you love every bit of the coppery bronze patina of weathered CorTen steel planters, but could do without the time of nature to transform your CorTen steel, you might want to experiment a bit.Let me share my process...

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