GFD: Gardening Feels Different in 2021

Happy New Year!  What do you have planned for 2021?

The list is mostly likely simplified, more meaningful, and more singularly substantial than, perhaps, the responses you might have placed on the list if the question was asked this time last year.  Are you one of the many that has taken to the outdoors in ways you never had?  Did you find the time to engage in pursuits you always wanted to pursue in greater depth? Did you listen to a podcast that completely intrigued you, and now, found a little extra time to explore?

As I write this on New Year's Eve, I am admittedly "strung out" on quarantine.  But of the few explorations I attempted during the pandemic, I found sprouting as one of the top discoveries of my journey.  Not only have I thoroughly enjoyed learning about how nutritious sprouting is to my diet, but now have the mindset how incredibly simple it is to have fresh sprouts to adorn my avocado toast, salads, eggs benedict and any meal I feel energetic enough to create.  It is amazing the flavor you can add to a very simple dish. If anything that has been more obvious in our lessons during the pandemic, is that we have learned that we should transition to a plant-based diet and care more about our food sources.

With that thought in mind, why not plan how you might bring fresh batches of lettuce and kale, heirloom tomatoes, or snap fresh beans to your table?!  Or, even a bit simpler, but equally rewarding....plan a container herb garden that compliments every entrée?  And if you super-size your planter, you can do both!  January is usually a month for both reflecting and goal setting...but after this 2020 year, be mindful of both the enjoyment of the pursuit and the product of your labor in your goal setting.  Planning a simple garden can be a mental getaway during the colder months and celebration when your plantings provide you with the freshest and tastiest produce you could imagine.  Our Corten Steel planters and planting beds can be the perfect fit for your project.

Let's get busy (and yet mindful of the journey)! Best wishes for all in 2021!



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