A Chimichurri Garden on your Terrace?

I hadn't quite realized I met foodscaping nirvana until I made an herb chimichurri sauce for my grilled halibut. Hello?!! A tectonic shift in all my foodie senses. My new keto-esque eating plan calls for more fish on the menu and I am always trying ways to make fish grand without overpowering it. Wow. I accidentally nailed it. Despite the fact that I didn't have everything for "The absolute best chimichurri recipe" on Pinterest, I improvised with my varietal herb garden. Garlic, oregano, Thai basil, parsley, avocado oil, rosemary, red pepper and salt to taste - blended - an voila! Garlicky and a bit spicy with lovely fresh herbs - a perfect compliment to grilled fish.

If your like me, the absolute freshness of garden vegetables and herbs cannot be beat and reminds us what food should taste like. It is really easy to create edible landscaping and can be done with minimal fuss by container gardening. Many edible plants, such as swiss chard, kale, lettuces, onions, dill or fennel are as decorative as your annuals or perenniels. Adding nasturtiums, impatiens, or chives will flood your containers with pops of color.

Foodscaping with kale, lettuce, dill, swiss chard and more...
The garden salad variety!

Particularly appreciated by urbanites and millennials, use of modern materials, such as Corten or Stainless steel, in landscaping is on trend. Not only are Corten steel planters made from recycled content, the patina of the steel planters are architectural and compliment any foodscaping project. Planterscape’s range of planters will accommodate an herb garden to a fruit tree- check out all we have to offer!

Planterscape Spring Street Planter

Planterscape Planter Boxes available in several variations.

Get foodscaping!

(oh yes! here is the best chimichurri sauce)

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